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Cupping is an age-old technique used in traditional Chinese medicine to stimulate acupuncture points or larger areas of the body. Cupping is often practised alongside acupuncture but can also be used as a treatment in its own right. Cups are rounded and can be made of rubber, glass or very occasionally, bamboo. In cupping, the […]

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Heat therapy

Moxibustion is an essential part of Chinese medicine which uses moxa, a soft woolly substance prepared from mugwort leaves (Artemisia vulgaris). In moxibustion the moxa is placed either directly on the skin or held just above it, over specific acupuncture points or meridians. The herb is lit and as it smoulders slowly, a therapeutic heat […]

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Infertility and Womens Health

Identifiable causes of infertility include: ovulatory disorders in 27% of couples; tubal damage in 14% of couples; low sperm count or low sperm quality in 19% of couples. In 30% of couples the cause of infertility remains unexplained (NCCWCH, 2004). Clare Nasir describes her experiences using acupuncture to complement IVF Clare Nasir had undergone several […]

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Emotional health

Two recent reviews found that acupuncture was similar in effectiveness to anti-depressant medication. You might be interested in the post on Brainspotting

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Pain clinic

Research has shown that acupuncture is as good as (if not better than) standard medical care for back pain. Please read about Pain clinic fact sheets.     You might be interested by the post “Videos on pain mechanisms“

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Digestive Disorders

Digestive Disorders & Gastrointestinal Diseases Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Gastrointestinal tract disorders, Type-2 diabetes, Gout, Obesity, Postoperative nausea and vomiting (PONV) J Tradit Chin Med. 2008 Mar;28(1):15-7. Forty cases of gastrointestinal neurosis treated by acupunture. Zhao Y1, Ding M, Wang Y.

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