Top 5 ways to boost your immune system

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) theory the first line of defence is the wei qi.  This is a form of energy that circulates just beneath our skin and regulates sweating and immunity. It is dependent on lung function and controls the opening of pores on the skin. Long before viruses and bacteria were recognised as pathogens which cause disease, TCM doctors referred to external pathogenic factors (Xie Qi).

A healthy balanced body has a strong and effective immune system. All the things that leave us feeling run down, tired lethargic or depressed will lower immunity and compromise how our bodies response to pathogens.

1. Get Enough Rest

A proper activity-rest balance is crucial for your body to recharge and maintain internal harmony. Rest has been shown to improve cardiovascular health, and lower blood pressure and cortisol levels.

2. De-stress

If you’ve been feeling stressed, it’s time to take a breather and understand the source of your stress. Exercise and herbal medicine can help to relieve stress, as they release endorphins which have a deep relaxing effect on your body. Taking a Chinese herbal formula with plants such as American Ginseng (Huaqishen, 花旗参), Ganoderma Mushroom (Lingzhi, 灵芝) and Lily Bulb (Baihe, 百合), Poria (Fuling, 茯苓) can help you deal with stress and anxiety.

3. Eat Well

Eating too much greasy, sweet, chilled or raw foods may lead to stagnation of Qi, or your energy flow. This stagnation will in turn cause discomforts, pain or more severe imbalance in your body. Eat well and healthily by incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet, and drinking small amounts of warm water during meals. A good digestive system can help keep common illnesses at bay.

4. Exercise

Moderate regular exercise helps in the smooth flow of energy and blood. These are just a couple of good examples.

The 8 Brocades Qi Gong

An easy 15 Minutes Routine for Better Health

One of the most effective and fascinating exercise that I’ve used is the Eight Pieces of Brocade or Ba Duan Jin. (It is called so because, after practicing the sequence, it feels like one is wearing a dress made of a rich soft, silk fabric).

NHS Fitness Studio exercise videos

20 Minute Everyday Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class | lululemon

5. Fortify your immune system with Herbal Medicine

Herbal therapy is a most important part of traditional Chinese medicine. It has been used for centuries in Asia, where herbs are considered fundamental therapy for many acute and chronic conditions. The aims of Chinese herbal therapy are to help you regain balance in your body and to strengthen your body’s resistance to disease.

Studies have shown Chinese herbal medicines to be successful in preventing and treating seasonal disorders like the flu but also psycho-emotional disorders, gynaecological, gastrointestinal and respiratory disorders.

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