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    Pascal runs his own Chinese herbal dispensary of concentrated single herb extracts which he assembles ...

Nobel Prize Malaria TCM

Nobel Prize for Chinese traditional medicine expert who developed malaria cure

A Chinese scientist who pioneered a malaria treatment for Communist troops fighting America in the Vietnam War has won the Nobel Prize for Medicine.

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Medicinal cooking recipes

Just discovered this amazingly generous website packed with tasty Chinese medicinal recipes. There are many books on Chinese nutrition (according to the principals of herbal medicine) out there but rarely do they actually provide recipes. I will most certainly tell my patients to go and check some specific recipes according to their pattern and constitution. […]

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Community Acupuncture Clinic

For Students and Low income Initial and follow-up sessions £25 (1hour) Pascal wishes to make acupuncture accessible to as many people as possible. The clinic is based on trust so you won’t be asked for any proof of income or student card. Some community clinics out there seem to treat patients differently, offering very short […]

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Health insurers

Updated list of Private health insurers

who support acupuncture The BAcC keeps an ‘open’ list of private health insurers which is frequently reviewed and updated, based on reports from patients and members and also on our comprehensive phone round of all of the known providers. Below we have shown the current position. The list is growing, with the significant addition of […]

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