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Pascal was a fantastic acupuncturist. He takes a very thorough history. He’s a very knowledgeable professional and has really helped me number of different times with various problems. As a client and a GP I highly recommend him.


After 2 and a half years suffering with chronic pain, affecting every aspect of my life, after countless hospital and doctor visits, steroids, antibiotics, amitriptyline etc etc, I decided to try acupuncture. I am so glad that I chose to go to Pascal. After a few months I am seeing a massive improvement and am finally having more pain-free days, better sleep etc. Finally starting to feel normal again.

I like that acupuncture treats the individual as a whole rather than isolated symptoms, as this is exactly what I needed. Prior to this I had been passed from one hospital department to another (no joined up approach) and the medication had given me awful side effects. The acupuncture has done more than treat my pain – it makes me feel good generally. And the needles aren’t scary – it’s actually a relaxing, enjoyable experience. Pascal is highly skilled, empathetic, professional and kind. A lovely guy who listens and instantly puts you at ease.


I decided to try acupuncture for my chronic fatigue, after being let down by a reductionist medical model and it felt hugely supportive to be treated holistically. Pascal was both warm and professional, creating a safe and nurturing space, and wonderfully eloquent in describing the treatment and the philosophy behind it. The treatment really helped me understand and alleviate my fatigue and I would have no hesitations in recommending Ecosse Acupuncture Edinburgh to prospective clients.


I can’t recommend Pascal enough. His grounded, joyful, attentive presence creates safe space for the client and is very uplifting. He is very perceptive, and knowledgeable. He really listens and is open for a dialog. In my case, he was very clear and precise in the course of action and treatment and has helped me tremendously in improving my mental health and visible sympthoms manifesting as a persistent ovarian cyst. After just a few sessions it is gone. He is really focused on the well-being of the patient at all times , dedicated and professional in his practice. I trust him fully and feel very grateful to have met him on my path of healing. Thank You.


I have been visiting pascal over the years for a variety of reasons, ranging from wishing to maintain general well- being and health, through to specific health issues. The practise space is clean, central and well maintained. Pascal is a professional, knowledgeable and caring acupuncturist. He tailors his treatment to your specific needs and has helped my own issues enormously. Highly recommended.


Pascal is a gentle, compassionate and professional individual who made me feel instantly at ease. Through just a few sessions, he granted me the gift of my menstrual cycle returning after a 7 year absence. I feel complete not only physically, but also emotionally and have a new sense of presence which is giving me much more clarity in everyday life. I would recommend him to everyone, he genuinely cares about his clients and effortlessly tailors each treatment to the individual.


Pascal is a fantastic acupuncturist. He has supported me through two pregnancies – from the fertility stage, through to 12 weeks on both occasions – and I do think the success of these pregnancies has a lot to do with the treatment I received, in terms of herbal supplements and acupuncture. I have so much faith in Pascal! He is also an extremely warm and kind person and that definitely helps to make you feel relaxed during appointments. I would highly recommend him!


Pascal is a very gentle and compassionate Acupuncturist. As an Acupuncturist myself, I am very selective about who I would get treatment from or recommended. I can highly recommend Pascal.


Broke my foot just before the lockdown so for the last four months I have been walking about and pain waiting for Acupuncture to reopen i’ve been to see pascal twice now wow I can walk about now not in constant pain he has made such a big difference just with two appointments he has now saved in my phonebook as baby Jesus. Thanks pascal for your help.



I went to see Pascal after being diagnosed with PCOS and being on progesterone for two months which made me feel awful. Pascal takes a very through history and is very professional. I already felt better just after one session and now after three months all my symptoms of PCOS are completely gone and I have a regular cycle, I am so grateful that I found an alternative way of treatment that actually works and would highly recommend this place.


I cannot rate Pascal’s acupuncture highly enough. Without fail I feel so much better after my acupuncture session, more so than from any other treatments I have received from other practitioners. And I always find Pascal to be genuinely compassionate and present with whatever I have going on.


My go-to person whenever I feel in need of a health or energy boost. Pascal has been keeping my going for over 12 years.


I have been seeing Pascal over the last 7 years He helped so much when I was going through difficult emotional times. I also see him just to stay connected body, mind and soul. He is insightful and compassionate. Would recommend him to all.



It’s almost 2 years now since I first went to Pascal with sciatica. I could barely stand up straight. Almost instant relief. Since then I have visited regularly when the sciatica returns, and also get treatment for arthritic knees. Pascal is professional, passionate about what he does and is very respectful. I would not hesitate to recommend him.


When I saw Pascal I was feeling dreadful. He felt my pulses and then worked his magic. I walked out feeling as if I had been put back together. He is professional and acts with complete integrity. A very talented and well rounded healer. Thank you Pascal!


Pascal is thorough, considerate, and one of the best acupuncturists I have ever used. I recommend him unreservedly.


I was more than happy with the treatment I received from Pascal and am regularly recommending him to friends and family. He listens, understands and explains clearly what he is doing, why and how it will help and it did help.


Pascal is compassionate, intelligent and authentic. His treatment is professional and comprehensive and I couldn’t recommend him more.


Pascal is fantastic! I have had acupuncture for insomnia and for hay fever. Excellent results!


Excellent Acupuncturist – knowledgeable empathic and professional.


Pascal has such a lovely gentle and caring nature. He has an enormous wealth of knowledge about acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. I would highly recommend him to anyone!


I have been receiving acupuncture from Pascal for over eight years.
His professional knowledge, understanding and empathy have been a huge support to me, at various points, throughout this time.
He is an exceptional practitioner.


I have used Ecosse Acupuncture to help with pain, tension and through cancer treatment – and have recommended several others to do so. Pascal is an excellent practitioner with gentle care and an impressive training and experience background.

Amazing and knowledgeable guy ! He has a wonderful way at making his patients feel comfortable and at ease. Highly recommend Pascal!