Chinese Herbal Medicine

I will assess your specific health needs and customize a formula that you can collect at the clinic or receive by First Class delivery. The remedy comes as an herbal extract powder that you dilute in hot water (like instant coffee). It can also be provided as tablets. The herbs are usually taken twice daily for a variable length of time, from just a few days to several weeks, depending on your condition. Herbal medicine can be a convenient therapy if, for whatever reason you cannot make yourself available for regular acupuncture or experience a fear of needles.

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Main pharmaceutical products used

KO DA Pharmaceutical is the main supplier and pharmacy to Taiwan’s noteworthy hospitals, dispensaries, and to over 80% of domestic TCM medical centres and private clinics. ISO/IEC17025:2005 certified by Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF), and is also internationally accredited by the Taiwan Food & Drug Administration (TFDA). The Ministry of Health and Welfare R.O.C renewed the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certification in 2013.

Sun Ten Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a world renowned GMP manufacturer of concentrated herbal extracts from Taiwan, conforming to international standards. In 2010, Sun Ten received certification through the US National Products Association (NPA) as a GMP compliant Dietary Supplement manufacturing facility. It received ISO 9001 certification from UK British Standard Institution in 1992.

Endangered species

You may have heard about the use of some endangered species in Chinese Medicine. The European regulation on CHM forbids the use of animal or mineral substances on this continent. You can be assured that Pascal uses approved and safe plants only.

These products are regulated in the EU and cannot be purchased without consulting a fully registered and insured CHM practitioner.
However, you may find non-scrupulous online shops that distribute products with little tracability. Several pieces of research have found that Western medications can be found in these products giving herbal medicine a bad name. So please stick to a registered practitioner for your supply.

Should I continue with my prescribed medication?

Yes. Many people seek the help of Herbal Medicine or Acupuncture because of a dissatisfaction with drugs mainly because they don’t seem to be working or the side effects are too severe. During the initial consultation, Pascal will always ask about your medication (including contraceptives, vaccinations…) and you should let him know of any change in your prescription in order to adjust your herbal formula accordingly. You should also inform your GP that you are taking an herbal treatment.

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