Covid secure practice

Special measures have been taken to keep us safe so we can resume practice as usual.

  • Please do not come into clinic if you experience high temperature, a new continuous cough, loss or change to your sense of smell or taste
    (you won’t be charged for short notice cancellation)
    Phone your medical centre (do not enter the building) or NHS 111 for information.
    We can organise a phone consultation for herbal medicine that will be posted to you.
  • Please wash your hands on arrival
    disposable hand towel and pedal bin are available for you in the toilet.
  • You and Pascal must wear a mask
    If you do not have your own mask, I will give you a disposable face mask free of charge that you can keep after.


  • 15 minutes gap in between patients
    will be observed so you don’t meet anybody in the waiting room. Please arrive on time or just a few minutes prior to your appointment. For my practice in Stirling, feel free to come and knock at Room 5 on arrival so you don’t have to spend any time in the waiting room.
  • One cover per patient
    I have bought many light opaque cover to keep you warm during the treatment. They are washed regularly at 60 degrees.
  • Waterproof pillows and couch wiped in front of you
    New medical grade waterproof wipe down pillows and couch will be sterilised in front of you.
  • No more hand shake and hugs sorry!
    For obvious reasons we will have to keep those social rituals for after.
  • The clinic floor, handles and surfaces are sterilised regularly.
    We are thankfully entering the better season and the treatment room is vented in between each patient. No more magazines in the waiting room sorry.
  • I will continue to wash my hands as often as I already did and more!
    As you already know, needles are obviously sterile and disposable.
  • Common sense and good spirit goes a long way!
    Hopefully all these measures become seamless and we can resume good work as naturally as possible.