Covid-19 information for patients

Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) has proved very beneficial in the prevention and treatment of Covid-19 in China.

The CHM diagnosis has emphasised 4 phases in the evolution and treatment of the condition.

  • Prevention phase
  • Influenza phase
  • Pneumonia phase
  • Recovery phase

My recommendations as a registered CHM herbalist

Prevention phase

The purpose is to strengthen the immune system, to help alleviate early symptoms, and to shorten the duration of the virus.

I would encourage 2 types of people to take a preventative CHM formula.

  • “key workers” that are potentially exposed to Covid-19
  • people whose immune system is low (chronic conditions, older patients, overweight people since statistics have exposed their vulnerability to Coronavirus).

If you are isolating at home and are not in these categories, I would not necessarily recommend that you take a preventative formula.

Influenza phase

Clinical Manifestations: Onset of fever (mostly low-grade fever), aversion to cold and fear of cold, chills, headache, ticklish throat, soreness of muscles of limbs, no sweat or night sweats.

Anybody that has entered the “influenza phase” can take one of the formulas designed specifically for Covid-19 at this stage.
I would strongly recommended that we have a phone/video call consultation to confirm your symptoms and integrate your medical history to maybe customise the formula.

Pneumonia phase

Realistically, it is unlikely in the UK that you would be able to take herbal medicine but the NHS would be taking good care of you in hospital.

Recovery phase

If you managed to stop the coronavirus at the influenza stage, it would be a good idea to receive one of the tonic formulas to restore your resources and defences. I would also encourage you to take the preventative herbal formula once the lock down is lifted and you go out into the community again.

In case the condition had reached the pneumonia phase for you, it is likely that you will be discharged but left very weak. I would strongly advise that you take a formula designed for Covid-19 at this stage. We would need to have a phone/video call consultation to integrate your medical history and maybe customise the recommended formula.

Covid-19 Resources for Medical TCM Herbalists