Phone consultation for herbal medicine

I am offering phone or video call consultations via WhatsApp/FaceTime/Zoom/Skype.
Herbal medicines will be posted to you directly by my approved supplier, in 2 working days.
Despite Covid-19, my supplier HerbPrime is delivering without disruption and has assured me that they will continue to do so as long as the Royal Mail and other delivery services will operate.

Phone/Text to arrange a distance appointment
with Pascal, fully insured medical herbalist 07982 742 177
Make a payment for £50 for the distance consultation including 100g Herbal granules or 2 bottles of tablets (free delivery), either by transfer or easily with a link to my SumUp Mobile Payments (just ask). If you have already paid for a block of acupuncture, we can use your credit as one treatment.
If possible, please fill in the patient form in advance and email it to me with 2 or 3 close up pictures of your tongue for the assessment (I will give you an email address when you book).

Download patient form
The consultation may take about 30 mins but we will take the time we need. I will ask you a number of questions about your medical history and current symptoms to identify your particular syndrome.
After the consultation, I will compose a custom formula and ask my supplier to send it directly to you. The herbs come as dissolvable granules (like instant coffee) or tablets. I will then file your notes for future reference in compliance with GDPR regulation.

We can have a quick review after a few days to check how you are keeping or later if you need a repeat prescription.


Distance consultation, including 100g Herbal granules or 2 bottles of tablets (free delivery): £50
By bank transfer or easily with a link to my SumUp Mobile Payments (just ask).
card payment accepted
Repeat prescriptions (if applicable)

Medicinal herbal granules: 100g/£25 (1 to 2 weeks depending on dosage)
Medicinal herbal tablets: 42 tablets/£10 (1 week)
+ £4.60 packaging and First class delivery

Shall I take herbal granules or tablets?

We usually prefer herbal granules for a stronger effect (7g/twice a day) unless you prefer the convenience of tablets (3 tablets=1.5g/twice a day) but usually favoured for maintenance of chronic problems.

How do I take my treatment?

Herbal granules

Unless otherwise advised, you may take up to 7g (1g spoon provided) of herbal granules in half a mug of boiling water (so it dilutes), wait a little or add some cold water to drink. Take twice a day, about an hour before meals.


Take 3 tablets with water, twice a day, also an hour before meals.

Should I expect any side affects?

If the formula is right for you, there should not be any side effects. Although sometimes it can be recommended to start the treatment with a smaller dose. Please call me if you have any doubts.

Sun Ten manufacturing of traditional Chinese herbal formulas follows a protocol that marries modern pharmaceutical science with traditional herbal knowledge. Conscious handling ensures final product quality that if safe, consistent, and efficacious.

Sun Ten received ISO 9001 certification from UK British Standard Institution in 1992.